Part of the MedHealth Group, the Work Health Group supports over 25,000 Australians a year to build a better life through work and health. We do this through employment services, workplace rehabilitation providers and advisory services.

Our team of around 850 committed employment, health and support specialists use their talents to help others realise their potential. Delivering localised expertise in more than 250 locations across Australia, we are wherever our clients need us most, when they need us.

Our purpose

Building better lives for Australians through work and health

Our mission

Optimising work and life participation for people with injury, illness, disability and disadvantage

Our values

At the core of everything
What is important to us and how we go about our business at the Work Health Group

Our People
We work together and enable each other to thrive within a culture of collaboration, fun and high performance

Our Customers
We put our customers at the heart of our work, taking pride in delivering an exceptional and seamless customer experience each and every time

Quality and Innovation
We focus on consistent quality in all that we do, while having the courage to actively seek opportunities to innovate and do things better

We are professionals who act honestly, ethically and transparently, inspiring trust through open communication

We are here for the long-term, embracing sustainability across all aspects of our business including financial performance, service design and delivering meaningful outcomes for our team, our customers and the communities we work in

Accessibility and Inclusion
We embrace diversity, respecting individual differences and harnessing the power, insights and benefits of a diverse workforce

Our brands


IPAR is the leading provider of comprehensive injury prevention, injury management, return to work and career transition services in Australia.

The team of more than 350 vocational and health professionals develop service models that improve the work and health outcomes of people and thereby improve the performance of the compensation or employment scheme they are assisted through. IPAR helps people transition from one employment type to another – whether that individual is healthy or has injury or illness; whether they face minor employment barriers or a complex mix of biopsychosocial factors.

IPAR’s geographic footprint includes metropolitan and regional offices in every state and territory. Services are delivered to serving and transitioning members of the Australia Defence Force, and via all state, territory and commonwealth workers compensation schemes, compulsory third party schemes, employer direct programs and life insurance.

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Cogent Thinking is the employer direct division of IPAR. Cogent provides employers with a tailored outsourced solution to cover every aspect of workplace health and safety, from injury prevention and incident response, to medical case management, return to work and claims management.

Cogent’s range of solutions reduce the number and severity of injuries, and provide priority access to the best possible health care for any workforce.

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WorkFocus Australia is a workplace rehabilitation provider with a strong focus on good health, life and work. The team of over 200 allied health professionals work with each and every client, delivering the services they most need, to get a great result.

Since 1989, it has provided a range of services to minimise the social, physical, psychological and financial impact of workplace injury and illness and to maximise the health benefits of good work.

It also delivers the JobAccess service on behalf of the Australian Government, a national hub for workplace and employment information for people with disability, employers and service providers.

WorkFocus Australia exists to build better lives for Australians through work and health.

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Kairros is a workplace rehabilitation provider that works with people across New South Wales who have been injured or become ill in the workplace and supports them to return to their fullest lives as soon as possible. The team helps clients to recover their health, work and life.

Kairros works with people from all backgrounds. It values diversity and offers a culturally appropriate service to people who speak English as a second language. Another speciality is a tailored service for people who become injured or ill while working night shift.

Kairros is where its clients need it to be, and communicates in a way that best suits them.

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atWork Australia is a leading employment services provider working with Australians across the nation. It empowers job seekers, supporting them to build better working lives.

To do that, the team works with people to identify their goals and aspirations, build skills and job-readiness and support them through interviews and into employment – as well as work with prospective employers to ensure their needs are met. In short, atWork Australia’s approach is to support a person in the way that most helps them transform their life.

atWork Australia is a leading provider of employment services for the Australian Government, operating from over 170 locations in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia. Part of the Work Health Group, it delivers services under the jobactive, Disability Employment Services, Vocational Training and Employment Centre and Career Pathway Pilot for Humanitarian Entrants programs.

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Our leadership


David Sagar

Chief Executive Officer
Work Health Group

David was a founder of IPAR in 2003, becoming Managing Director in 2006. He has a long career in management consulting for regulators, insurers and healthcare providers. He is President of the Australian Rehabilitation Providers Association in Victoria.

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